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Whether you are having a glitzy-glam extravaganza with 400+ people; a cozy celebration of 100; a destination wedding on a beach; an intimate affair of 40 in your backyard; or a private family ceremony, let me help you reduce your stress and give you more time to do what you really want to be doing. Whether it’s martinis with your girls; spa day; boot camp; or just Netflix and chill with your partner. 
— Trevor Frankfort, Wedding & Event Planner
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My bride did NOT have a meltdown at any point of the day and this was because of Trevor’s relentless work behind the scenes. Trevor was the best money we spent during this whole wedding experience. Trevor is organized, determined, motivated, reliable, relatable... and handsome as hell! What a night! Thank you Trevor!
— Gabe & Ally
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Trevor was a joy to work with. His humour and candidness gave us the unwavering sense that we had made the right choice. On the day of the wedding he was seemingly everywhere, and on top of everything. Most importantly he made sure neither of us had to put a thought towards worrying over a single detail.
— Rachel & Andrew