Wedding Confessions is a raw, refreshing, educational & fun new look into the wonderful world of wedding planning. 

Whether you have planned a wedding, are planning a wedding, work in the wedding industry or just love weddings and wedding shows, this docu-series is for you. 

Join Trevor Frankfort (wedding planner) and his co-host Margarita Oudalova (Event Designer) as they welcome real couples for dinner to reminisce about their weddings. 

This is a 3 episode docu-series where each episode focuses on the ups, downs and all arounds of what it is really like to plan a wedding. Other wedding professionals that worked on their weddings also join in and confess. 

Got an hour to spare? Why not binge watch all 3 episodes?


Delay the ceremony or rip the dress?

Wedding Confessions, Episode 1: Erika and Jeff

Trevor & Margarita welcome their couple Erika and Jeff to talk about suspended florals and what went wrong with them, having their best friend officiate their ceremony and potentially get their names wrong, the benefit of custom-made suits, how they chose their music, hiring a month-of-coordinator, why it is ok to do things differently from traditions and much more.

In this episode they are joined by their officiant/friend and their stylist from a custom suit shop. 


Champagne, Countdown, Confetti!  

Trevor & Margarita welcome their couple Lauren and Jason to talk about their sexy New Year’s Eve wedding. They chat about how they only went to see 1 venue, seeing their design vision come to life,  the pressure of a New Year's Eve countdown, how to incorporate a child into the wedding and much more. 

They are joined by their videographer/photographer and their officiant. 


Wedding Confessions: The most EPIC bouquet toss!

Wedding Confessions, Episode 3: Danielle & Cameron

Trevor & Margarita welcome their couple Danielle and Cameron to chat about their beautiful dockside wedding. Learn what made them hire a wedding planner, what went wrong during the dinner service, what made the bouquet toss the most epic, how they chose their venue, plus much more. 

In this episode they are joined by their caterer & venue coordinator.